Saturday, July 12, 2008

Water Car Guides Review

With the soaring oil prices and environmental issues, car owners are seeking ways to lower their fuel expenses as well as playing a part to minimise global warming.

Recently, there is a growing interest of converting cars to run on water but the problem is that standalone conversion kits can be priced for as much as $500. It can even cost thousands to do the conversion.

For the past few months there are many websites providing such Do-It-Yourself guides using low cost materials, and requiring little or no technical knowledge.

So, we decided to review these guides based on the following criterias:

1. Ease of use ( the guides )
2. Cost of materials ( under $100 )
3. Ease of installation ( technical knowledge )
4. Fuel savings ( 40% or more )
5. Unconditional Guarantee ( at least 8 weeks )
6. Eco-Friendliness
7. Support

Let's move on to our Top Pick now.


RATING: 9.6 / 10

1. Run Your Car On Water

Of the all the guides reviewed, this is the only guide that assumes no knowledge of cars and this guide is by far easiest to follow.

The technology is readily available and you can get them for under $50! If all goes well, the system can be install within half a day including time to purchase the parts.

For fuel efficiency, it is proven to increase up to 40%.

This system can be installed on any gas or diesel powered car, van, truck or SUV and car "novices" should not find this a challenge to set it up. Moreover, we are amazed by the support that they responded to us within an hour.

The Result: Easiest to follow guide, fast and easy installation, proven fuel efficiency of up to 40%, fast support, suitable for car novice.

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RATING: 9.2 / 10

2. Water 4 Gas

The guide comes with 2 additional bonuses:
- how to get the IRS to pay for your upgrade and
- how to make $300 an hour installing the systems for others

These bonuses are worth the cost of the guide!

However, the directions is a harder to follow as compared to our top picks.

This uses the same technology as our top pick and has low set up cost.

With this system, you can still enjoy massive fuel savings for very little and could well recoup your rather quickly.

Although this is our second pick, our support ticket was responded and it is still a great package to consider.

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RATING: 8.0 / 10

3. Fuel Trips

In our final pick, the Fuel Trips guide was presented in a clear and easy-to-follow format. It includes 3 separate courses to help create the fuel efficiency system.

They illustrated that the system fuel efficiency can increase upto 65%.

Although we are happy with savings and the guide they provided, we do not receive response from the support team. This is a problem for car "novice" facing difficulties and needing the support when installing the system.

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Notes: The comparisons provided is as a service to the internet community. We do not endorse any of the companies, products, or services mentioned. Each product or service is the trademark of their respective company. This is an independent review and all information is provided as opinions only.

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