Saturday, June 21, 2008

Water For Fuel Product Previews - HalfWaterHalfGas

free energyDiscover The Biggest Secret They're Trying To Keep From You:

"How To Convert Your Car To Burn WATER & Gas, Cut Your Costs by 60%, Enhance Engine Power & Safety and Clean up The Environment..."
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No Matter What Car or Truck You Drive. It Can Even be a Boat...

* Cuts Fuel Costs By Up To 60%
* Reduces Emissions Of C02
* Enhances Engines

If you ever wished to beat insane fuel prices and stop wasting money at the pump then I can show you how in the next 5 minutes - but only if you have an open mind and willingness to listen.

In fact, I will show you how to spend up to 60% less on gas while at the same time clean up your engines deadly CO2 emissions and reduce engine temperature (and prevent global warming). As an added benefit you might also get a small boost in torque (especially uphill).

Fortune 500 Petroleum Companies Are PRAYING You Will Never Find This Out

Nexus Magazine published in their Oct-Nov 2006 edition an article called "A Water-Fueled Car" by Carl Cella. It was their first and last article on the topic. In fact, every year somebody comes out to talk about using water as fuel BUT they are all silenced by the big oil companies (sometimes with cash, usually with threats)

Do you think trillion dollar oil companies want you to find out the truth? Of course not. It would cost them billions. That's why they programmed society through advertising and media so that anytime somebody mentions using water as fuel your mind is immediately thinking "that's impossible" or "it doesn't work".

Find out why you are being ripped off of the insane oil prices, is water fuel safe and convenient and more!

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